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Animal Physiotherapy                                                                                                                                         

Animal Physiotherapy aims to achieve optimum mobility. This can be obtained by reducing pain; retraining muscles, coordination and body awareness.

A various number of methods can be used and most often in combination, such as: thermotherapy, massage, stretching, manual joint therapy, passive joint movement, active joint movement, equipment training, acupuncture, leeches, with low level laser… just to name a few.

When is physiotherapy needed? Like human therapy, it is often required before or after any type of orthopedic surgery or injury, for back soreness or stiffness, arthritis treatment, for wound or scar treatment, after long periods of immobility etc., etc.

How do I know if my animal has a sore back? Most riders recognize a horse’s sore back in it's unwillingness to work, or while grooming, or tacking up. Dogs and cats have difficulties lying down or standing up, they may not want to jump up into the car, or go up steps. Quite often they will have problems while going to the toilet because they need to round their backs. Some owners notice that their dogs don’t do a “body shake” anymore and cats can’t groom their back area towards their tail. These are just a few examples, there are too many symptoms to list...

I offer a mobile practice for small animals and horses. The first appointment is used to assess the whole animal and to conceive a complete picture of the problem. A treatment plan is then worked out; intervals, methods and possibilities discussed.

Together in cooperation with owner, veterinarian and animal physiotherapist, the best possible rehabilitation is attained.



 About me:

Born and raised in Canada, I grew up spending most of my time on my Grandfather’s  Arabian horse farm. At the age of 7 I took up riding lessons and a year later I was given my first mare, Arabian Lady (photo).  (Grandpa kept her for breeding and I got to ride and show her) I had been "bitten" by the horse bug and I’m still infected today!cynthia bellgardt tierphysiotherapy

At home we always had a dog or cat in the house, which "suffered sorely" while I tried to train them all sorts of tricks. I attended a Veterinary College and graduated with honors as a Veterinary Technician. 

In 1992 I came to Germany to work at a professional dressage farm in the Hamburg area. In ’97 I started working in a small animal veterinary practice, that combines the use of complementary and conventional medicine, and I still work there part-time to this day. 

In Germany I completed a two year course, with final examinations, at an animal physiotherapy school (IfT). My experience of applying physiotherapy and when needed the help of herbal medicines, homeopathies, spagyrik or conventional medicine (in conjunction with a veterinarian) has proven favorable.


If I have gained your interest, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or send an E-Mail!






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